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Giohà Giordano

My name is Giohà Giordano, I'm a medium and a Lightworker since my birth, Bridge of love to Other Dimensions.

Since i was a kid, my visions turned into drawings and paintings about Beings of Light, that are always with me. 

Everytime I feel Their presence, I perceive a sence of wonder, my intellectual, creative, spiritual and extrasensory capacities are expressed in a single reality and they allow me to create paintings (whether in a state of trance or not) with tones and shades that touches me and people emotionally. 

What I value is becoming aware of the multiple worlds that create unity inside me: that's the holistic principle of the whole Creation. 


I became a researcher of the "Happiness".

This is what happens everytime I paint and everytime I enter a classroom to pass on my both practical and theorical teachings. 

It wasn't always easy accepting to be a part of the Earth even though I loved it with all my heart. The Mediumship helped me not to break my contact with the invisible, made visible to me.   

These talents brought me on a long path of studies and researches about the Quantum Mediumship, Shamanism, Runology until I reached the Quantum Physics that helped me to recognize the eternal Art of Trasformation. 

Awakening and access to the Human Being' s Potential. 

Today I'm the President of the Giohà Giordano Academy, a community born to spread in Italy and in the rest of the world a new holistic learning approach, that benefits both the material and the spiritual life. 

Giohà Giordano Academy


Tel: 392 889 2777  Mail:

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