Personal Horse Coaching

Horse is a great Master, it has a great sensibility and capacity to show like a mirror all of the things that our body communicates. It is the reflection of our emotions. 

For many ethnic groups it simbolically represents the  journey, the power, the freedom; for Native American people it also represents the wind and even the sea foam.

Giohà Giordano thanks to her professional activity as Coach, facilitator and Holistic trainer has always been in contact with people from different  culture, ethnicity, social class, professionalism and need of help. Her skills allowed her to develop a strong ability to communicate face to face. In addition the Shamanic training, developed in previous years, allowed her to achieve a personal holistic technique and become an Horse Coach. 

During the Horse Coaching we will work on listening, empathy, non-verbal communication with our own horse. This work also allows the trainee to ride his dream. How? It will be possible by exploring oneself, by recognizing hidden talents and by using inner resources that push a person to act. 

Recognizing oneself: Being drives, Doing motivates, Persisting activates. This dynamic movement of parts shows the athlete how it is possible to get out of immobility and reach his dream. The horse is the reflection of our emotions and, at the time when we open our hearts to it, it will be very simple to know its language and become a whole with it. 

This will necessarily bring a mutual growth, and its results are visible both in the relationship with the horse and in the agonistic activity.

The Horse Coach doesn't replace the athletic trainer but can support him in the athlete's formation.

At the moment Giohà Giordano works together with Massimo Morra and Stefania Ferro, trainers of "ASD Natura e Cavallo" located in Tolfa.

Giohà Giordano Academy


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