Time and space don't exist. – Dreams are real and we must be ourselves  – everything is possible with Quantic Power®!

The waves make you feel as a part of the ocean, everything is one. "



"If an egg is broken by an external force, life ends up.
If it is broken by an inner force, a life begins.
Big things always begin from inside."

This is the Giohá's strenght: the strenght to be humble enough to not put herself as an external force, risking to generate an addiction, and the strenght to instill a method to improve once's own awareness.
A complete awareness, related to the metabolization of  past experiences and to the release from them, but also related to the present excellent chanches, that depend on the personal responsibility of self-realization. 
Rationally, we all wish the best for ourselves and our loved onces, but in the reality of our heart (weighed down by limiting fears and negative experiences, not necessarily striking) it will be very difficult to cut loose and welcome the peace of mind, without falling into devious senses of guilt.
Experiencing the vibes and advices from Giohá represented the full acceptance of myself; the material tourning point was allowing myself  the change.
We can't expect that everything around us will be perfect before being happy: the quantum jump consists in fuelling and protecting our peace of mind, despite what happens to us.
Giohá recalled that creature, reminding that life is never inside a shell...

And now that being takes flight!

This path together will go on!

Thanks Giohá and thanks Alessia!


  • A whole opening of the senses and a better rest.;

  • Strenght to do everything, clatity in thinking and chance to dream;

  • Chance to materialize and reduce the time;


    “Thanks to ​Quantic Power® i feel better every day”

    “I'm free”

    Thanks Giohà!



I have practiced Quantic Power® from two months and I have had immediate proof of the effectiveness and quickness of this technique.

The most hitting experience was the one I had with my daughter's speech therapist because she had a great response, even if she didn't know this technique. We soon saw the Quantic Power® effects, when my daughter's left arm started to make big and fast laps and she wasn't scared about that. Instead she was happy because she was fixing a condition she has had since her birth and whose origin was never understood by doctors. 

When I finished the treating, my daughter thanked me because I was healing her arm, but I clarified that I only was a "Bridge" and that her will and abandonment were healing her.

She asked me to have other treatments.

Thanks Giohà e thanks Quantic Power®.



My son went to Milan because his dream was to work in a big dressmaking. I worked from distance using the Quantic Power® by sending him love. I saw the successfull outcomes of his job interviews, after sending him self-confidence and courage.

Last month he was hired in an important italian dressmaker, which has branches all over the world. He is very satisfied that he has achieved his dream. 

I keep sending him love from distance, I know that he is protected by my love contact.

Thank you so much Giohà: you gave me instruments to be his mother from a distance.



To me the Quantic Power was a reflection of rebellion against a dying society, a push to live. To me it is a Main Road, there aren't any others. 


I was dead and i didn't notice it! Quantic Power turned me into a new person, i see life and everything around me in a new way.


Giohà Giordano Academy


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