Dancing with the White-Buffalo-Whoman. Studding the masculine and the feminine.


The Way of the White Dragon from Giohà Giordano is a path to the self-realization, in order to respond to the call for aid from the man and woman, who are trying to find their own roots and, at the same time, to discover their own identity, through a new-ancient form of awareness.

From many years, Giohà Giordano has elaborated and channelled this shamanic journey to allow her students to live a tras-personal experience, to awake the real spiritual nature and give theirselves the permission to overcome empty stereotypes and anachronistic forms of power that accompany the history of the mankind.


“Before the birth, the soul of all of us chooses an immage or a drawing that we will later live on the Earth. The soul also receives a pal who may lead us up here, a Daimon,

which is unique and typically ours.

However, when we come into the world, we forget everything and believe 

to have came empty.

The Daimon reminds us the content of our immage, the elements of the chosen drawing: thus he is the carrier of our destiny”.

J. Hillman, The Soul's Code

This experiental path, suggested by the Academy, has the purpose of helping the students to refine their senses, awaking extrasensory powers and recognizing their own talents.


Every Circle is dedicated to weave the dream.

Dancing the dream in order to create a new project, a new fulfillment in the perfessional and personal life.  

The percussions and the rythms in the Circle open the way for power energies; Giohà channels and calls on the White Dragon to manifest itself and help the students to cocreate.


The Dragon blows in the man and woman's mind a new inspiration.

They have the common intent to transcend any ordinary aspect of life and explore new spaces and worlds in order to learn new Revelations.

Tha magic is that the "Divine Self" feeds the states of Conscience we are made of, and weaves the new dream, the new chance.

The North Road is characterized by the Rite and by initiatory paths towards light:

The Rite claims what we believe.

The Rite begins the magic with strenght and harmony.

The Rite is a bridge to the transformation.

The Rite honours the change.

The Rite is the sacred space where the vision of the dream shows itself and everything takes its shape.

The student who gets ready to become a shaman goes through this way. He is whispered by archaic and mistery words. The Quantum Shamanism shows itself through the Master Runes that assist the man in the research of the meaning of life, the awakening of the Conscience, the City of Light, Asgard.

“ Through this sacred spirit, I bring in the world intense residential workshops, dedicated to this Initiatory and Shamanic Way, that I have represented and channelled for many years.

This Way is enriched and sustained by my Masters and by experiences and researches that brought me to create, in the Quantum World, the optimum chance science, and also the science of the changes necessary to reach the personal and global evolutionary awakening.

This is in order to assist the students in the exploration of the multiple worlds in modified states of conscience, sustained by the Runes through Norse Shamanic rites, brought in the everyday life.

The Norse shaman women practise, as I do, the Seidr, the magical art of creation, the change of the events, communicating with all forms of life; the art of going beyond the body, by travelling among the 9 Worlds accompanied by the Daimon.

Entering the worlds represents an initiation experienced by students with my support and guide. The 9 worlds open up among the Yggdrasil Cosmic Tree's roots. This Tree represents the collective subconscious and the cosmic conscience of whole creation. This journey brings to the students a new vision until the World of Gods, until the City of Light, Asgard.”

In order to fully live the awakening of the Conscience during the shamanic journey, Giohà Giordano Academy schedules two residential meetings a year: three intensive days supported by sounds, enveloping rythms in the sound of the Drum, that represents the stargate, the bridge to the Worlds.


The vibes from rhythmic sounds have a deep effect on the brain activity. The percussions of drum move the state of conscience towards other kingdoms of “not ordinary reality".

The vibes of this continuous rythm affect the mind in a very specific way, that allows to reach an altered state of mind, in order to travel in a particular state of not-ordinary conscience, to achieve the Shamanic Extraction, to communicate with Nature Spirits, Spirits of the Places, of the Plants, of the Elements and also in order to achieve the recovery of the Soul, to unify all of the pieces divided by the pain.

The Death and Dying are important issues in shamanism. It is very important to rediscover ourselves as a psychopomp, who is the one that leads the dead beyond the veil to elevate himself in the Ligh.

The Dance of the Vision, with its songs and sounds, allows us to get out of this reality and to have deeeply ecstatic experiences and also to heal ourselves.

The Shamanic Divination through the Reading of the Signs, Omens, Natural Shapes in order to help ourselves and the others.

The skills that the shaman discovers about himself are:

1.The skill to travel in the Land of Beyond or in Other Worlds

2.Knowledge of the ritual dances and natural mimesis

3.Knowledge of the herbs and their properties

4.Being a master of wild animals and initiations

5.Tasks of psychopomp

6.The Art of  bending, expanding and contracting the Time.

Giohà Giordano Academy


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