The North Road is the initiation road towards Illumination. The learner, while walking down this way, is whispered by archaic and mystery words. The North Road manifests itself through the Master Runes, that accompany Man in the research of the meaning of life, the awakening of the conscience, the City of Light, Asgard. With this spirit of sacredness, Giohà Giordano brings into the world intence residential workshops, dedicated to this Initiation Road, that she has represented and channelled for many years.

This road is enriched and sustained by her Masters and by the experiences and researches that They lead her to do in the Quantum World, the science of the optimum chance, the science of the possible changes in order to reach the personal and global evolutionary awakening. 

Every participant who is aware at wisdom, can change his journey because he is the creator of himself. 


Each Rune creates the evolutionary jump by helping the student during the workshop, but also after it and over time, to reach the continuous transformation. After the mantric action  the awakening of once's own talents will follow, the dimensional doors will open and the student will be able to meet his own Master and Guide, to know the past lives and to reprogram his own body to regain the wellness.


The Runes, whispered  Secrets from the beginning of Time, are, according to Giohà Giordano, the Universe's symphony orchestra, a music written on the lines of the Mistery and Creative Knowledge.  


"I knew their Light, I heard Their sounds and I sang them,

I saw their Sign and I tracked them, in a continuous rythm that showed me so many thruths ".


The Runes are stellar keys given to the mankind in order to help it to deeply understand the wonder of creation on this Earth in all of its nature and beauty and in order to let the mankind to Awake the conscience and activate the individual power.  

The Runes are Forces that generate energies projected outside and flow in the dimension called «Time»: during this time the mankind sets in motion its own life in order to change it, to renovate it and achieve a shared wellness. All of these things just coexist in an energy-idea which forms from time to time, till the Awakening: this is something that has inside itself the optimum chance to express itself. 

Quantum Field sets in motion all of the Arts of Creation that it owns during this journey, and also the Runes, powerful instruments and configurations of energetic forces that enable active and positive actions in the choiches of our life.

The Runes are neither good nor bed: They simply Are. 


During history they have been demonized, today these Intelligences remind the Man to have responsibility and sacredness in his actions, by remembering that the energy amplifies what just exists. A learner has the duty to nourish mind-heart and his own energy field in Light. 

The one who didn't define the initiation road or follows other paths can hear their call: embrace them and live the experience.

In order to fully live the knowledge and the runic experience, the Giohà Giordano Academy suggests two residential paths a year. 

Giohà Giordano Academy


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