Giohà Giordano Academy presents the new learning path developed by Giohà Giordano. A path dedicated from a woman to all women and men who want to start the journey!

Giohà Giordano, during her 30 years long activity, exchanged opinions with women from different cultures and ethnicities. She observed the false credencies and the dissatisfaction, inadequacy and guilt caused by hiding one's own femal power.  
Then she decided to design a project dedicated to women so they could rediscover their forgotten Sacred Feminine and could also activate all of their talents. 


The  Sacred  Feminine awakes the power of creativity. It activates all of the talents and puts in motion all the resourches to sustain them. It heals all the conflicts and all the ancient believes that mortified the feminine Self. 

This path is a journey that brings the woman to reintegrate Herself into the nowadays reality by using symbols, archetypes, colors, rythms, music and singing.This allows her to recuperate the ancient magic that she already owns. 

The seminary is also opened to the men who want to ally with women to shape a new life project. In order to obtain this goal all the veils and masks mast be left behind. In this way the Man and the Woman may lock themselves in their entirety. 

The class is in PROMOTION: it will cost 280€ (VAT included) instead of 370 €.

You will formalize the subscription by paying a 100 € deposit. You have to pay it by using a  transfer to the bank account held by Giohà Giordano Academy srls
IBAN IT 92 C 02008 05213 000104745747.


Rome, 9 e 10 June 2018

I day:  The magical mirror and the wander of the mind's power. 

  • Know yourself; acquire an effective knowledge of yourself  through the “mirror technique”.

  • Change is possible; overcome the judgement limitating effects, put behind the discouraging believes and recuperate the power of creative thinking through the use of the shamanic circle in order to stud the “Time”( past, present, future) muted in a new consciousness of the Being. 

II day: the bravery to change.

  • Create your own Model; define yourself through the use of the  shamanic technique called “the play of Masks”.

  • The resilience, the courage to change; build your own leadership and maintain the Focus; recuperate and awake the Sacred Feminine and feel its power through the dance of the circle: regain the red thread (rithm, sound and sign, shamanic technique).

Rome, 24 e 25 November 2018

I day : This is me. 

  • Recognize talents; discover your own potential and develop empathy. Strenghten your own Model by using “visualization technique”.

  • The art of the verbal communication  (the use of written and oral language), the art of non verbal communication ( the body language, facial expressions, gestures and postures), the art of paraverbal communication  (the voice loudness , the rithm, the volume, the pauses). You will learn the art of communication in a fun way.  

II day: Free the Goddess-God within you.

  • The Caterpillar; “What appears to the caterpillar as the end of the world,  to the rest of the world looks like a butterfly ”the metamorphosis, the art of changing by using the visualization technique”.

  • The God-Goddess is free .


Giohà Giordano Academy


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