The Learning Path

Giohà Giordano presents the exclusive Quantic Power® technique, channelled by her Masters of Lights.This technique was born as the evolution of Genesis®, in order to revolutionize and strenghten the manifestation of the Infinite Possibilities.

I like thinking of myself as a Lightworker.

I came into the world as a medium, then became Bridge between Other Dimension.

I don't believe in randomness, but in Synchronicity of times. This is the time to reconnect ourselves to the Quantum World and to awake in order to create the New Reality we all aim at.  This renewed state of Conscience doesn't separate what is visible from what is invisible anymore. Instead, it opens the doors to the divine power of the Manifestation of the Infinite Possibilities.


Quantic Power® was born to a wonderful work of continuous research, full of studies, applications, experiences, in-depth analysis and exchanges with orther applied methodologies, such as the ones related to the Quantum Physics world and Shamanism (one of the most ancient spiritual discipline we know of). These disciplines helped me to recognize even more the eternal Art of Transformation towards the Awakening and the full access to the Human Being's Potential. 


Quantic Power® method awakens the highest levels of conscience. It starts and consolidates the possibility of accessing our deeepest extrasensory abilities, allowing us to work on ourselves and on other people, even if they are far away, this method allow us to feel and positively modify every theme or aspect of our everday life. 


According to the contemporary Physics the Reality (Matrix) is equally made of energetic waves and particles - the Quanta - that together form the light, the informations and the materialization of life in the Universe. Thanks to multiple experiments it was proved that the particles can instantly communicate between themselves by transmitting and elaborating informations. 

So the world's states and properties are not determined intrinsically but acquire Reality only if these are measured or if they enter in contact with other objects. 


Quantic Power® acts inside the Matrix - The Single Morphing Field - we can think of it as the Universe's net of informations, made of waves and particles in contact with one another. In the Matrix we can interact to make changes, useful to our life. The Quantic Power® lets our rational mind explore the fluidity of the Reality manifestation, through investigating the science behind the magic manifested by the Morphic Field.


Through experimenting and observing the actual and physical changes made by the Quantic Power® - by activating the unique potential of the Heart's Field - we let ourselves freely access to Universal Acknowledgment, Grace and Harmony. Thus we can interact and make more free and personal choiches both in the work and personal relationship fields, useful to the complete transformation of our reality. 


This happens thanks to the connection between the Intent and the Optimum Choice of the Quantum Field and our new and most aware impulse of positive transformation which, in the Single Morphic Field, collapses the old reality, where we usually operate in, and makes possible that the new choiches we are operating will instantly manifest. 


Quantic Power® allows us to excape from the Ego's restricted borders, where we can only be agents, in order to access the extraordinary ackowledgment of being the co-creator of the Infinite possible Reality.

What's the secret? Let yourself be surpised, play in order to receive more than you asked for. The transformation's effect and the use of this method are illimited and only related to our own immagination.This is magic. Giohà Giordano.

Annual Learning Path

Giohà Giordano's Quantic Power annual learning path is made of 9 monthly meetings  (one of them is residential ). In order to access the First Meeting it is necessary an Initiation, an energetic activation that you do only once in your lifetime. The Initiation consists of a 30 minutes individual meeting with Giohà Giordano. During the meeting she will work on your body's energetic spots, and she will reconnect them to their ancestral origin. The Initiation represents a strong accellerator of all the processes and an activator of extrasensory talents. 

Qualified Operator

In order to  become a  Qualified Operator, you Must necessarily follow all the learning path, choosing favourite dates and locations. After the nine meetings the candidate will have to substain an abilitative exam, finalized to verify the practical and theoretical skills acquired. The exam will focus on the presentation of a composition that will contain the results and the statistics about a minimum of a 45 case samples. The related technical sheets will be given to the candidate during the registration. In order to mantain the validity of the certificate acquired  you must attend at least two follow-up classes every year.  


If you only want to follow the Giohà Giordano's "Quantic Power" learning path for your   personal growth, the only class that you must attend is the First Meeting which will give you the theoretical and practical basis of the technique. You wil be able to choose from our calendar the meetings you are interested in, apart from 7th and 8th meetings that are only accessibile to the one who want to get the certification of qualified operator. 



The Initiation costs € 111: this is a sacred number that corresponds to the Masters of Light's frequency from the eleventh dimension. Giohà Giordano channelled the technique from those Masters. 

The first eight meetings will cost 370 € ( VAT included) each one. If you subscribe within a month from the meeting, you will pay a PROMOTIONAL price of 300 € (VAT included) for each meeting.

The nineth residential meeting will cost 550€ ( VAT  included). Room and board are not included. If you subcribe within a month from the meeting, you will pay a PROMOTIONAL price of 420 € ( VAT included).

If you want to subscribe to the Certified Operator path, the PROMOTIONAL price for the eight meetings and the nineth residential meeting will be 2.550 € ( VAT included), instead of 3.510 € ( VAT included). It is possible to pay in instalments, if you get in touch with our sectretary.


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