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Giohà Giordano

My name is Giohà Giordano, I'm a medium and a Lightworker since my birth,  Bridge of love to Other Dimensions. Since i was a kid, my visions turn into drawings and paintings about Beings of Light, that are always with me.

Mi chiamo Giohà Giordano sono medium e Lightworker sin dalla nascita, Ponte d’amore con Altre Dimensioni. Sin da bambina le mie visioni si trasformano in disegni e dipinti degli Esseri di Luce che da sempre mi accompagnano. 

“What's the secret? Let yourself be surprised, play in order to receive more than you asked for. The transformation effect and the use of this method are illimited and only related to our own immagination.This is the magic.”

Giohà Giordano

Giohà Giordano

The President

Alessia Marchione


"To me the Quantic Power was a reflection of rebellion against a dying society, a push to live. To me it is a Main Road, there aren't any others. "


Giohà Giordano Academy


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