Among the Academy activities there are also the individual sittings, led by Giohà Giordano.

These sittings, lasting for about one hour, are metapsychic and don't provide the practice of medical or psychotherapeutic acts. The Giohà Giordano long training is the result of a constant research about the way we can use our own talents in order to help and support the others.

The sittings require an integrated and custom made use of relationship help techniques, that also result from her professional training as a qualified Coach.

We will report down below some moments that characterize the sittings with Giohà, specifing that all the individual meetings are channelled and personalized according to the single needs. Thus, during the same meeting, there will be present one or more of the typologies listed below. All of the practiced techniques become tools used to vanish the fears and to transform our weaknesses into strong points, to recognize our capacities and talents.  Quantic Power® technique allows to accellerate all the awakening processes and to live the wonder immediately. Giohà Giordano uses this technique, channelled and recorded by her, in the individual sittings, in the mediumistic evenings, in the workshops and power circles led by her.

These are real Holistic Coaching sittings powered by Quantic Power® .


During the mediumistic sitting the connection happens in a very natural way: there aren't evocations , but a bridge of love with other worlds will be created. Our dear dead will very often come, like a caress of Light. Most of the times the Masters of Light intervene in order to give comfort, support and indications to the person.
During the sitting the Masters may give indications about the mediumistic talents of customer. He can work to awake and\or strenghten these talents thanks to the support from Giohà Giordano.

The message channelled during the meeting represents the starting point for a deeper work that can be developed through a Spiritual Coaching process and\or through the Grieving process.


Quantic Power®  is an energetic technique channelled and registered by Giohà Giordano. It is based on the match between the client's subject and the optima chanches of the Quantum Field. This technique is dedicated to the persons who want to explore and know themselves by reactivating their own talents. This technique suggests to reset old world and to let go all of the believes that have added weight to the journey since the birth. It also suggests to restart a new life starting from material body and connective, that represents the first contact with ourselvers.


In view of the metapsychic nature of the meetings, outcrops of past lives and manifestations of karmic aspects (elaborated with the help of the Guides and Masters) will be possible. Everything inside the person's individual background comes out. Thanks to the use of hypnosis techniques, energetic techniques, shamanic and time circle techniques we will work in order to settle knots, memories, trauma, believes.  The client is mindfully involved in a state of being and, in many cases, he relives past experience in a clear and conscious way.
The sitting causes a concrete change in the client's life. That is also testified by positive feedbacks and testimonies that we usually receive in the days following the sitting.


The Master Runes are powerful keys of connection and interpretation, but they also are ancient Archetypes, that bring back man to his ancestral thruths. The Master Runes heal, discover talents, show the way. Their interpretation represents a personal key to the reading for  client.
Through the Giohà Giordano's clairvoyance, the reading of the Master Runes describes the past as a personal background, the present as a responsible choice, the future as a window into many opportunities and temporal windows.

Along with the Runes, Giohà uses many other Oracles in the quantum interpretation of the optimum Chance (Thasseografy, Egyptian Tarot Cards , Celtic Divination, Palm Reading, Oenomancy).

In addition to these sittings, there is another peculiar tecnique of sport Coaching: PERSONAL HORSE COACHING. Click here to learn more.

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