Giohà Giordano Academy is a business reality born to the two founders' (Giohà Giordano and Alessia Marchione) shared will to enable a 360 degrees spiritual training, aimed both at people who want a personal growth both at people who want the mediumship and the spiritual coaching to become a work and a service.

Quantic Power, Quantum Mediumship, Northern Rune Shamanism form all together a man's journey to learn about the art of manifesting, to become the co-creator of your own reality, by balancing the spiritual and the material worlds, as well as the ordinary and the extraordinary. 

A unique learning process that uses the techniques elaborated in over 35 years worth of studing and personal researching from the President Giohà Giordano. 

The learning path is based on the innovative method, called “Quantic Power”,which will be used  exclusively by the Giohà Giornano Academy. 

About Us

Giohà Giordano Academy


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